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 80s Sunglasses

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PostSubject: 80s Sunglasses   20.12.08 7:45

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
Poor Corey Hart. Why poor Corey Hart - check out the 80s trivia page to find out. Annnnyway, nothing can make your totally rad 80s look like the right pair of sunglasses. Here is a partial summary of the bodacious eyewear options favored in the 1980s.


These ubiquitous shades are so 80s that they warranted their own page in the site. So, be sure to check out the Wayfarers page. What is not talked about there is the wide range of similarly styled knockoffs that were also everywhere in the 80s. Didn't have the money for the real thing? Not a problem. You could pick up a pair of look-a-likes at your local 7-11 and be ready to rock for under $7.00 flat.

Also very popular was the two-toned wayfarer knockoff that featured contrasting ear pieces, preferably in neon shades of orange, yellow, green and pink. A picture tells this story better than words (see left). The choices were endless and this basic shape for sunglasses was used with every possible color and finish. These are still readily available on ebay - try searching for "vintage 80s sunglasses."

Robot Sunglasses

We were unable to determine the exact name of these sunglasses but they are SO 80s that they must be included here with or without the right nomenclature. These were submitted to Like Totally 80s by one of our site visitors - thank you!! In their words:

"They're hard to explain, but definitive 80's...They really don't have an official name, referred to as "robot glasses" and "devo sunglasses" they are exactly what that decade brings to mind. Here's a few pictures I found off ebay, and one famously from the beginning segment of "Sixteen Candles." (shown right)

Here are some follow up references to these very 80s shades for those that just can't get enough:

● The Italian group Righeira's 1983 music video for "No Tengo Dinero" (on youtube)

features the duo sporting these shades, and is worth a look for its sheer 80'sness in its own right.

● Also [used] in the Foo Fighters 1997 music video for "Everlong." Lead singer,

Dave Grohl, is seen in a dream sequence from either a Halloween party, or a real life flashback which happens to take place in the 80's...One of the male attendees at the party is sporting a pair of those shades as well.


Ok, I admit it, I still have my aviators from the 80s. Also by RAY BAN (makers of the Wayfarer sunglasses), this style has been popular since they were developed in 1937. Called Aviators because of their teardrop shape, which matched those of the smoked-lens flying goggles which Ray-Ban was then selling to the Army and Navy. However, they have not been used in military aviation in many years. Since at least 1970, the only style issued or offered for sale for flying have those with rectangular lenses. This change is because the oxygen masks used do not allow for the tear drop sunglasses.

These are classics, having been compared to Chuck Taylors, white t-shirts and cowboy hats in their timelessness. Aviators are still available by RAY BAN for a pretty penny (around $115.00), but we found this look alike (see right hand column) for just $5.00 - what a bargain!

Apparently what you needed to do if trying to launch and market sunglasses in the 80s was to hire Tom Cruise (pre-madness episodes). He did for Aviators in 1986 with the explosive hit, "Top Gun" exactly what he did for Wayfarers in 1983 with the classic "Risky Business."

Shutter Shades

Shutter shades have made a huge comeback after Kanye West sported a pair in the video for “Stronger.” Even Paris got in on the trend (see photo) – they must be cool! The lunacy of this look is just further evidence of the magnetism of the 80s and its fashion.


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80s Sunglasses
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