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 Neon Lights

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PostSubject: Neon Lights   20.12.08 7:51

Clothes in the eighties had a tendency to hurt your eyes. In more ways than one. One such trend was neon colored clothes. These eighties fashions for women would make you wear your sunglasses at night.

Clothes in the 80’s took a trip down the neon rainbow in the mid eighties. Most of the neon clothes came in one of the most popular styles of the day – an over-sized sweatshirt. Colors such as hot pink, yellow, orange and green were everywhere!

Not to be left out of the 80’s phenomenon, accessories turned neon. Earrings that could dangle suddenly matched bright colors. Knock off wayfarer sunglasses with neon side pieces were all the rage. Neon spilled onto jelly bracelets which were meant to be combined with many other colors to coordinate. An arm loaded with neon colored jelly bracelets was like totally awesome! It might take awhile to get them all off, but hey – you had to look good!

Anything from the 80’s that could be colored neon was – for awhile. Even gloves and coats took on a bright hue. Fingerless gloves, similar to the ones Madonna, Boy George and other musicians of the time wore, were orange, hot pink, yellow and green.

Another trend of 1980’s clothing - jelly shoes (which have remarkably made a big come back, although not in neon colors) - were produced in neon colors. If you were going out in bright colored duds, everything had to match!

Neon shades of purple and blue tried to make an impact, but they couldn’t hold a candle to their brighter counterparts. Eventually all forms of neon faded and a more subdued color palette emerged again.

Thought of the day: Nothing says HOT like hot pink.


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Neon Lights
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