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 Cross-dressing pop stars

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PostSubject: Cross-dressing pop stars   10.01.09 17:53

The early 80's saw the rise of a new, but short lived phenomenon - the appearance of cross-dressing pop stars. While the men were trying the look like women, the reverse also applied - although it wasn't as wide spread.

Boy George
Probably the first 80's performer to popularise cross-dressing.

Marilyn soon followed.

Dead or Alive
When most of the androgynous performers had returned to the typical clothes of their gender, along came dead or alive.

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox in the Sweet Dreams video

Queen's 'I want to break free' had the entire band dressed up in shirts, frocks and a school uniform.

His clips showed that he had way too much fun dressing up in skirts and tarty dresses. His favourite trick was to pick a garment that accentuated his oversized beer gut.

The Belle Stars
The Belle Stars were an all female British rock band and did adopt the androgynous look

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Cross-dressing pop stars
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